What to consider before getting your tattoo

It is important before getting your tattoo that you come prepared and mindful of the process that you and the artist will be taking. Here are a few things to consider before coming in.

1. Do Your Research

Social media and the internet makes it incredibly easy to find inspiration for your tattoo. Make sure to have a good idea of what you want before coming to save on time for both you and the artist.

2. Book Your Consoltation Ahead of Time

Once you have found your artist make sure to book your consoltation with them. This will allow you both to chat about the tattoo you plan to get and go over any obstacles that may prevent it from happening. If you want to bring in as collection of images that would help as well.

3. You Get What You Pay For

The price for a tattoo largly varies depening on may factors that your artist will discuss with you. Make sure to discuss the vision you have very accurately to get the best quote for the tattoo.

4. The Healing Process

Your tattoo will need to heal once it is complete. You need to make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and never come in with a sunburn expecting a tattoo. If you are sick getting a tattoo is not a good idea either.

5. Eat Before Your Appointment

Avoid drinking alcohol however you need to make sure your body has energy before your session. Make sure to get plenty of food and stay hydrated.